World’s Fastest Roller Coasters ideal for Thrill-Seekers

Fastest Roller Coasters

It seems like the summer season is already here. It is a very interesting and entertaining season for enjoying seasonal adventures. Are you making a summer vacation plan? Plan it in the best way to ensure you experience summer with unforgettable memories.

It’s the right time for travel, especially for families who want a summer break. How exciting it would be to spend amazing time with family/friends/partner in this summer with sun, the pleasant evenings and more.

If you are a thrill-seeker or adventure lover, then you should definitely go for Roller Coaster ride. Yes! What’s more exciting when you climb high, ride fast and screaming with enthusiasm, right? Below is the list of fastest roller coasters in the world you should experience once in your lifetime.

Formula Rossa, Ferrari World, United Arab Emirates:

If you are craving for the world-class rollercoaster ride, then Formula Rossa gives you endless fun as it is the fastest on the earth with 240km/h. It will be your most thrilling ride of your life. Riders will also be given protective eyewear in order to secure from wind force. It is located in Ferrari world of Abu Dhabi.

Kingda Ka, New Jersey, United States:

Kingda Ka is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in North America with 128mph. Experience the best ride where you will be shooting up at an impossible height and you won’t even have time to think. – That’s 456 feet high! The blazing speed makes weightlessness among riders and provides the best riding experience.

Top Thrill Dragster, United States

Thrill Dragster is a ride at a height of 420 feet (130 m). Riders better need to hold on tight when they reach the crest of this ride’s tower. It is the tallest, fastest and steepest on Earth. This ride will stun thrill seekers and provides the best ever experience in their lifetime. Make your time this summer and plan a vacation with your loved ones to explore the beautiful country United States and to enjoy the ride that makes you feel unforgettable.

Dodonpa, Yamanashi, Japan

If you want to experience world’s most exhilarating roller coaster, then Dodonpa is your ideal choice for getting the best adventurous thrill in your lifetime. The roller coaster at Fuji-Q Highlands amusement park in Japan gives you a terrifying experience beyond your expectations is guaranteed. The ride will be at a speed of 107 miles per hour in 1.8 second. So, it is perfect for your vacation time fills your diaries.

Leviathan, Ontario, Canada

Leviathan is the fastest and tallest roller coaster ride in Canada. It is 306 feet tall and the ride will reach maximum speed of 92 mph after first drop, travelling over 5486 feet (1672.1M) of track at speeds reaching 148km/hour. Get the best thrilling moments by enjoying this ride.

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